SAFA Skysailor Magazine

19 September | October 2020 SKY SAILOR AirDesign Trail Series Rucksacks Sized in 38, 55 and 70L variants, the new AirDesign Trail Series Rucksacks offer a comfortable and water-resistant solution for low-volume packing enthusiasts. Loaded with zipped and open pockets, the 70l for example is suitable for a semi-light cross-country wing and a superlight harness. The top closure uses a rollover design, like waterproof kit bags, and shoulder straps are well-padded and feature a trail-running inspired, two-strap chest harness. Available from . Mark Rossi – Cloudbase Paragliding Flymaster GPS LS Flymaster have released a new flight instrument, the GPS LS. Simple to use, and packed with features. It’s aimed at new and progressing pilots who want an instrument that is straightforward to use and has the benefits of a GPS – it also includes Flymaster’s renowned Thermal Ball Indicator, great for thermal training. A large and clear black and white screen dominates the instrument, and everything is displayed on the one screen: analogue and digital vario, two altim- eters, ground speed, wind direction, distance to take-off, current glide ratio, last thermal location, time, flight time, battery level and GPS status. The instrument keeps a flight log and generates IGC files for pilots to upload to external logbooks or online leagues. Available from . Mark Rossi – Cloudbase Paragliding Pepper Cross Light Reserve In the event of an emergency, you have to be able to rely on your reserve 100%. Pepper Cross Light aims to increase your safety decisively. The square rescue chute has a very short deployment time and high pendular stability – two factors that can be crucial when the situation gets dicey. Large surface areas ensure a low rate of descent, and the symmetrical structure helps reduce side drift to a minimum. This makes a stable descent and a pleasant landing possible. Maximum safety doesn’t need to be bulky or heavy: the smallest sized Pepper Cross Light starts at only 990 grams. All who regulary pack their reserves themselves will appreciate the inner container with its special line compart- ment. Robust materials ensure that this reserve will remain in top condition for many years. Five sizes cover a load of 55 to 225kg, so you always have the right size with you from ultra-light to tandem use! Available from your skywalk dealer . Daniel Gassner – Skywalk Paragliders AirDesign Trail Pepper Cross Light