SAFA Skysailor Magazine

18 SKY SAILOR September | October 2020 AirDesign Soar EN-B+ The Soar is the superlight version of the EN-B Rise 4, a vol-bivouac and adventure wing. The 53-cell wing has an aspect ratio of 5.92 and is made from double-coated Porcher Skytex 27, including top and bottom surfaces, and internal ribs. The smallest size in XXS weighs just 2.73kg! The lines are unsheathed Aramid on 3.7mm Dyneema rope risers. Weight-saving and shape-holding nitinol rods support the leading edge and provide super-compact folding and optimised sail tension. Certified EN-B, and available in sizes XXS (50-65-72kg) to L (100-125kg) in Sky or Cloud (blue or white) colours. Available from . Mark Rossi – Cloudbase Paragliding Phi Beat With 56 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 5.3, the new Phi Beat slots between Tenor and Maestro. Technically, it is a somewhat slimmed-down Maestro with a few pinches of Allegro (three main lines), a little Fantasia (intake) and, of course, Symphonia (being extremely well balanced). Our test team immediately liked the first Beat prototypes – it was love at first sight! The handling is perfectly balanced, the performance is convincing and the Beat behaves very well in the manoeuvres. The glider has a very high level of form stability due to its complex structure. This makes the Beat fly with great precision and the glider provides excellent feedback! Based on many requests from pilots, the Beat has only robust, sheathed Technora lines on the brakes and stabilo, which stand out clearly from the ground in orange. With this decision, Phi follows their philosophy that paragliding has to become easier again! With the new Beat, Phi is now able to offer five EN-B wings (in addition to their four wings in the EN-A class). With this wide range of gliders, Phi wants to make sure that every pilot finds the right glider for themselves. Phi Beat comes in three fresh colours and a new design used for Phi Fantasia. Available fro m . Martin Havel – Fly2Base New Products Skywalk Cayenne6 Certified Cayenne6 now has certification LTF/EN-C in sizes XXS and L. Sport class pilots expect a very special glider. A high-tech wing with the latest innovations, that can be flown comfort- ably and lead the pack on epic XC days. We have pursued these requirements single-mindedly in the development of the Cayenne6 and it exceeds our expectations and is once again a step ahead of the crowd. All sizes are available from your skywalk dealer . Daniel Gassner – Skywalk Paragliders Phi Beat AirDesign Soar Skywalk Cayenne6