SAFA Skysailor Magazine

35 September | October 2020 SKY SAILOR Cloudbase Paragliding Club 147 Bruns Dr, Darling Downs WA 6122. Pres/SSO-PG: Rod Merigan 0439 967 971; V-Pres: Dan Binks; Sec: Jason Saunders 0423 244 292; Trs: Colin Brown. Meeting: Last Tue/month at 7:30pm, Osborne Park Bowling Club, Park St, Tuart Hill. Goldfields Dust Devils 9 Broadarrow Road, Kalgoorlie WA 6430. Pres: Cody Henderson 0429 498 449; V-Pres/SO (Perth): Mark Stokoe 0488 367 498; Sec: Duncan Dekoning 0423 195 767; Trs/ SSO-HG/WM: Murray Wood 0427 328 638; SSO-HG: Richard Breyley 0417 986 896. South West Airsports 3 Willoughby St, South Bunbury WA 6230. Pres: Lewis Winter 0468 309 727; V-Pres: Keith Gorman 0427 521 029; Sec: Tony Smith 0427 086 785; Trs: Julian Bryant 0458 554 856. WA Hill Flyers Club 186 Blackadder Road, Swanview WA 6056. Pres/SSO-HG: Rick Williams 0427 057 961; Sec/ SSO: Gary Bennett 0412 611 680; Trs/SSO-HG: David Longman 08 9385 9469. Meeting held on site during club fly-ins at York. Sky Pirates Paramotoring Club 24 Baretta Road, WA 6065. Pres/SSO: Bett Smith 0400 263 869; Sec/SSO: Neil Angwin 0409 174 434; Trs: Mark Hayton 0439 513 465; SSOs: Chris Allen 0439 787 483, Dennis Smith 0432 252 758. 504 285. Western Soarers Contact: 3 Perrin Circuit, Clarkson WA 6030. Pres: Simon Braithwaite 0459 391 294; V-Pres: Jason Kath; Sec: Robert Burnett 0407 303454; Trs: Greg Lowry; Committee: Rolf Schatzmann; SSO: Michael Duffy. Meeting: See group/western_soarers/ . Forms and Documents SAFA Documents are now available in the Member Zone of the SAFA website . To access them select then select ‘Documents’ in the left-hand menu. These documents are constantly updated, so download them only when required. DO NOT save them for later use. The office will not accept outdated forms. Documents available to the general public are accessible on the website under: ‘Pilot Tools’  Forms & Docs Visiting Pilot Membership Pilots requiring Visiting Pilot Mem- berships please go to www.safa. SAFA Office Manager Hang Gliders and Equipment Wills Wing T2C 136, 290 hours. Sail is still in good condition and easily has several more seasons left in it. Fully featured with all the comp options. Two spare uprights. Normal & XC bags, plus shipping box – asking $4900. Contact: Vic Hare 0429 039 006. Intermediate HG Icaro MastR 12.6m 2 , less than 100 hours, spare uprights, additional heavy-duty cover bag, wheels – $2,500 ono. Contact: Birgit 08 8272 8686 or email . Wanted Bailey four-stroke engine and propeller or complete four-stroke paramotor for aircraft project. Contact: JDEM (phone or text) 0411 098575 or email . Member and non-member Classifieds Classifieds are free of charge to private SAFA members up to a maximum of 40 words. One classified per person per issue will be accepted. Classifieds are to be delivered to the SAFA office for membership verification/payment by email , fax: 03 93367177 or post: Unit 21/54 Commercial Place, Keilor East VIC 3033. The deadline is two weeks prior to next pub­ lication date. Submitted classifieds will run for one issue. For consecutive publication, re-submission must be made, no advance bookings. When submitting a classified, remember to include your contact details (for prospective buyers), your SAFA mem- bership number (for verification). (Note: The above does not apply to commercial operators. Instructors/Schools/Businesses may place multiple classified entries, but will be charged at commercial advertising rates. Commercial Calendar events are included under this ruling.) Advertising Guidelines All aircraft should be suitable for the in- tended use; this includes the skill level required for the specific aircraft being reflective of the pilot’s actual rating and experience. All members must adhere to the maintenance requirements as contained in Section 9 of the Operations Manual and as provided by manufac- turers. Secondhand equipment should always be inspected by an independent person, an Instructor wherever possible. Advice should be sought as to the condition, airworthiness and suitability of the aircraft. It should include examination of maintenance logs for the aircraft. It is unethical and a legally volatile situation for individuals to provide aircraft which are unsuitable for the skill level of the pilot, or aircraft that are unairworthy in any way. Classifieds