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SKY SAILOR 1 July | August 2020 Official publication of the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia The Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) is a member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) through the Australian Sport Aviation Confederation (ASAC). Credits Cover: Kev coming home to Maryborough, QLD Photo: Carole MacNally Design: Gneist Design Editor: Suzy Gneist Printing: Printroom, Melbourne VIC Mailing: Printroom, Melbourne VIC Notice to Readers & Contributors This magazine is a publication by the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA). Contributions are always welcome. Articles, photos and illustrations are all accepted, although the editor and the SAFA Board reserve the right to edit or delete contributions where necessary. Materials of unknown origin won’t be published. All contributions should be accompanied by the contributor’s name,addressandmembershipnumberforverificationpurposes. Photographs can be submitted via email, web client, CD, DVD or printed on gloss paper for scanning. Drawings, maps, cartoons, diagrams, etc, should be in black ink on white paper or electronic formats for colour. Lettering may be pencilled lightly but clearly on the artwork, to be typeset. Views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the SAFA nor the Editor’s. They are strictly the views of the author/contributor. Copyright in this publication is vested in the SAFA. Copyright in articles and other contributions is vested in each of the authors/photographers in respect of their contribution. SkySailor Editorial Contributions Contact points for SAFA members submitting to SkySailor are the SAFA Editor/Graphic Designer and the SAFA Office. These contacts should be used according to the directions below. Editor & Graphic Design SAFA Office & Sales Suzy Gneist Ph: 03 9336 7155 Ph: 07 5445 7796 Fax: 03 9336 7177 <> <> Post to: 57 Alice Dixon Drive, [ ] Flaxton QLD 4560 Unit 21/54 Commercial Place, Keilor East VIC 3033 Articles Submissions are accepted by the Editor. Text is preferred by email to <> as a Word document or text file, photos can be shared via online cloud storage or emailed as max quality, high resolution JPGs. Photos require full captions and photographer names for identification. Display Advertising Commercial display adverts can be booked via the members website. Email the Editor for detailed artwork specifications. News & Calendar Entries Email text with photos attached to <> . Classifieds, Club Executive & Member Updates SAFA members can submit secondhand classifieds and changes of address details to <> . See the Classifieds section at end of this magazine for more details. SAFA Website Contributions Email Club News to <> and Comp News to <> and CC <skysailor@hgfa.asn . au> to update SkySailor and the SAFA website. Index NEXT SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE 15 August 2020 for Sept/October 2020 SkySailor President’s Update 2 A tribe of us flying 3 What a difference a year makes! 4 A brief moment with a master 6 Adding a P to PG 8 The Winds of Change 10 2014: First 300km triangle on an EN-B 12 2020: Bogdan Baziuk flies 353km 14 Flying in WA, and the role the HGPAWA plays in support 16 To Bali and beyond! 22 Events Calendar 23 News 24 Skyout Cartoons 11/25 AIRS Safety Wrap-up 26 Why use VHF? 28 Where to fly in Australia this year 30 First comp impressions 32 Contacts 34 Classifieds 36 Schools & Maintenance IBC After Covid-19 restrictions eased, we had some nice winter thermal flying at Mt Tamborine, QLD, and managed to share a few thermals and do a super small XC down to the town of Canungra Photo: Luke Brooks Airwaves Newsletter <> SkySailor Magazine <>