SAFA Skysailor Magazine

21 September | October 2020 SKY SAILOR front of Steve’s Flying School before heading back to the classroom to finish off the course. Prior to, during and after the course, I was kept busy with necessary sanitising of tools and equipment, together with frequent hand sanitising for all present during the course, particularly after the practical elements. This is something that is becoming easier with use. Here at the Hedlow, we had good hand washing facilities anyway, but we still carried enough disposable facemasks with us for everyone in case the need arose. We had planned to stay an extra night, as Kev had booked in to do his BFR, but plans changed when we were unable to get the XT-912 running smoothly during the carb sync on Sunday. The aircraft was running rough and we had to foreshorten the exercise. Returning to troubleshoot the engine on Monday, Kev cleaned and reset the carburettors, and lubed the cables. The engine then ran smoothly and we were able to complete the carb sync. I later sent a detailed email to all attendees to let them know what Kev had done, and how he had recorded it in his L2 maintenance book and Steve’s Aircraft Maintenance Logbook. We arranged for another night of accommodation and on Tuesday, Kev completed his BFR with Steve, with classroom/ ground work followed by a flight out to Great Kepple Island. Kev had brought his own helmet/headset and flying suit to reduce the necessary sanitisation. It was a good exercise to use a different trike, with different instruments, a different location as well as a different CFI. Since completing the Hedlow course, we have been contacted by one of the attendees and are heading north to Mackay in October, with possibly another course at Hedlow for those on the list, who couldn’t get in on the first course. First though, it will be back to Teewah to complete the weekday course which had to be cancelled in March, due to the travel restrictions in place at the time. Clockwise from top left: Wirelocking, group shot with Steve Bartlett, Leon Lapthorne, Matt Williams, Jeff Hoskins, Nicole Alexandrou, Judi, Kev, Tony DeGit, Troy Brodrick and Rohan Peterson, several practicals in progress and the flying school (above)