SAFA Skysailor Magazine

Member and non-member Classifieds Classifieds are free of charge to private SAFA members up to a maximum of 40 words. One classified per person per issue will be accepted. Classifieds are to be delivered to the SAFA office for membership verification/payment by email < >, fax: 03 93367177 or post: Unit 21/54 Commercial Place, Keilor East VIC 3033. The deadline is the 1st of the month, one month prior to publication date. Submitted classifieds will run for one issue. For consecutive publication, re-submission must be made, no advance bookings. When submitting a classified, remember to include your contact details (for prospective buyers), your SAFA membership number (for verification). (Note: The above does not apply to commercial operators. Instructors/ Schools/Businesses may place multiple clas- sified entries, but will be charged at commercial advertising rates. Commercial Calendar events are included under this ruling.) Advertising Guidelines All aircraft should be suitable for the intended use; this includes the skill level required for the specific aircraft being reflective of the pilot’s actual rating and experience. All members must adhere to the maintenance requirements as contained in Section 9 of the Operations Manual and as provided by manufacturers. Secondhand equipment should always be inspected by an independent person, an Instructor wherever possible. Advice should be sought as to the condition, airworthiness and suitability of the aircraft. It should include examination of maintenance logs for the aircraft. It is unethical and a legally volatile situation for individuals to provide aircraft which are unsuitable for the skill level of the pilot, or aircraft that are unairworthy in any way. SKY SAILOR IBC January | February 2020 Hang Gliders and Equipment Icaro MastR, 12.6m 2 (135.6ft 2 ), less than 100 hrs, spare uprights & batten tips, additional heavy-duty cover bag, manual & wheels included – $2,500 ono. Contact: Birgit 08 8272 8686. ParaGliders and Equipment Icaro Instinct 2015 model, 28m 2 , 80 to 110kg range, 79 hrs – $350. Contact: Robin 0490 349 441 (NSW). Classifieds Photo: Kev MacNally