SAFA Skysailor Magazine

20 SKY SAILOR January | February 2021 by Kev & Carole MacNally Marian Airfield SA/Rotax Maintenance Course, 17 and 18 October 2020 Having completed a course at Rockhampton, Matt asked if we would be willing to travel to his home airfield at Marian, as he was keen to do a refresher. After finding the location on the map, we said, yes, we would be able to drive to the venue. He ran the idea past Steve, the airfield owner and we looked into possible dates. Matt put feelers out to his local community and eventual- ly, we came up with a suitable date and a full course. On the way to the venue, we stopped over in Rockhamp- ton to give us a break from driving and to ensure we’d arrive in daylight. It was our first time to Mackay, so we were keen to have a look around and see the sights. On the Friday, we arrived at the hangar to set up our course equipment and were met by Matt and Steve who were busy hosing the hangar floor in readiness. There was plenty of space and the facilities were great. Colin Mulligan arrived and swept Kev away in his new champagne coloured Gyro, for a quick fly around the area and demonstration of his new and powerful aircraft. This was Kev’s first experience in an aircraft powered by the new Rotax 915iS. What a beautiful machine it is and Colin (rightly so) is very proud of it. After the flight, Kev signed Colin’s wall, as the 58th passenger in this new aircraft. Colin was interviewed for a review of his Gyro, which you can see on YouTube. The hangar for Colin’s Gyro is a modified and well equipped freight container, sitting just outside the main hangar. Unfortunately, Colin couldn’t make this course, but is down for the next one to be held in this area. Road Trip North