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18 SKY SAILOR January | February 2021 Xenon: Nova’s X-Alps Two-Liner Nova recently surprised by announcing the development of a new lightweight EN-D two-liner, built for the Red Bull X-Alps 2021, which will be flown by Théo de Blic and other athletes. Pilots who regularly fly at Stubaital, Austria, or Bassano in Italy might have observed this project’s progress. The latest prototype reinforced the need to give the new baby a name: Xenon. Why Xenon? Toni Bender came up with: “To fly this glider, I happily drive to Bassano for just one day and back home in the evening. It’s so much fun to fly! In terms of potential, the new two-liner reminds me a little of the legendary 1995 Xenon.” That Nova glider model was by far the most successful competi- tion wing of its time. The photo shows the latest prototype, but neither the final wing nor the final design. To stay informed about Project Xenon, follow us on Facebook and Instagram . Till Gottbrath – Nova New Products Project Xenon All-rounder Swing Miura RS Swing Miura RS – paramotor certified The Miura RS is an elegant 48 cell glider in the low-end B category, but transforms into an A category glider when re- quired in just a few simple steps. You decide which category glider you wish to fly, keeping your options open: • • Speed limiter combines A and B categories in one PG, • • balanced handling and excellent climb characteristics, • • RAST for greater control and comfort. Now, with the successful DGAC certification of the Miura RS (sizes XS to L), this versatile wing can also be used for powered flight. That means, you can now complete all of your flight training from complete beginner to the licensed paramotor pilot with only one wing, the Miura RS. The Miura ticks so many boxes so well, we think it’s the most versatile wing we have come across. We have trained many free flight pilots on it successfully as well as flown with paramotors via adopting the trimmer system that is easy to install. The trimmers brings the trim speed up to a regular reflex gliders trim speed which means pilots have the assurance they can fly fast and safe. This glider is not another boring ‘A’ glider and is actually quite fun to fly for experienced pilots. The turning in thermals is easy compared to many other A gliders on the market that have excessive brake pressure. The Miura RS with little effort stays in thermals without a fight and a sore arm. For people that want to potentially move to motoring later in their flying career the Miura RS is an obvious choice. The RAST system has proven the test of time in hard core Australian conditions and many pilots are already experienc- ing the next level of comfort that is achieved knowing the core of the wing is generally untouched in collapses meaning the pilots is not concerned with the normal pitch/ roll movements as well as height loss typically correlated with collapses in turbulence. I’ve been personally more relaxed in the C class flying the Agera RS then ever thanks to the assurance I get from RAST. I’m super enthusiastic to step up to fly the next class of wing when it is released. For more information please contact us. Andrew Polidano – Poliglide