SAFA Skysailor Magazine

11 January | February 2021 SKY SAILOR “It was a very quiet year this year for pilots chasing the Morning Glory as a number of pilots were hindered by being on the wrong side of the Queensland border during the Covid-19 border closures. For hang gliders, it’s a normal aero-tow into the lift band in front of the wave, which is then soared in exactly the same way as a surfer rides a wave at the beach. Seeing the wave approach from the dawn darkness is a moving experience, and a bit hard to describe, since the waves are elusive, there is the element of the hunt, but once a cloud appears on the pre-dawn horizon, it’s all go!” The Gulf Savannah country is a land of wide-open spaces and a lot of dust, but with some delightful spots scattered about. On the non-glory days, fishing, swimming in the (inland) rivers, or just lazing about are popular activities, however, at that time of year, cloudbases are high and soaring conditions are great, so normal XC flying is the go. In 2021, the Burke shire will be hosting a special gliding festival competition at Burketown – the ‘Gliding Regatta’. One of the event organisers, Paul Poole, said the event was to celebrate the 25-year anniversary since the first hang gliding flight on the Morning Glory. Although the Morning Glory festival was to be held this year, the Covid-19 travel restrictions got in the way, so the festival is proposed to now be run in 2021 instead. “We will welcome all Australian pilots to come ride the wave with a total of $20,000 in prizes up for grabs,” Paul said. “We are hoping to run the event in the September school holidays next year – Covid-depending.” For more information on the event visit or contact Paul on 0428 388 839. About flying in Burketown Burketown is a security-controlled airport with regular RPT traffic. You need serviceable VHF communications and If operating from the airport, you may be asked for your ASIC card. Burketown is a designated remote area and appropriate precautions and equipment must be to be taken. All photos: Mike Zupanc